Private Jet Flights to Mykonos



Treat yourselves with a unique experience tailored to your needs, respecting your privacy. Charter a privet jet for your next flight to Mykonos this summer.

Visiting Mykonos on a private jet is not an amenity only a few people can afford. Enjoy the Greek island’s unforgettable, breathtaking view, while receiving the services and treatment only a private flight can ensure.  Our company offers a price range to make private flights accessible to a larger number of customers. We have designed three options for your private trip flight to be conducted:

  • On-Demand Private Jet Charter Flight:

By selecting this option you will pay a pre- agreed fixed price, there will be no up-front deposit. You will also choose an aircraft offering all amenities, on the best charter prices.

  • Rerouted Empty Legs:

In case there is no empty leg flights suitable for your itinerary and timing, our company will reroute an empty leg, to pick you up and drop you off your destination. This option will include additional costs, but it still remains less expensive than the on-demand private jet price.

  • Empty Legs:

The term “empty legs” refers to an empty private jet which has dropped off passengers or is about to pick up passengers. Since the flights have already been paid for, our company offers discounts. An empty legs private jet will be on its way to pick you up if it perfectly matches your itinerary and timing. This option only covers one-way flights.

Choose the best option for your private trip in Mykonos.


Private Security in Mykonos

Security service offered to you in Mykonos, travel feeling safety.

Our security services offer:

  • Professional Security Guards in Mykonos: our trained professionals will ensure your safety throughout your trip. A personal bodyguard will help you enjoy your vacation while avoiding any risk of unwanted attention. Mykonos is a luxurious island, which attracts among many tourists, celebrities. In order to maintain relaxed during your trip and escape the camera lenses of paparazzi and fans, a professional will guard your presence. To enhance the feeling of safety, but also your privacy, you might consider hiring personal security in order to maintain your peace of mind.
  • A trained professional guard will follow you discreetly while you can relax on your vacation knowing that your protection is covered and you will not need to worry about inconveniences nor emergencies. Your bodyguard will be in charge of your safety involving every aspect, including unexpected events, even medical emergencies.
  • Security Guards can also be placed to protect your property in Mykonos. Securing your personal items from theft or destruction, whether it is a hotel room, private villa, your car, your boat, any of your belongings.
  • Last but not least, a security guard can make your experience more exclusive while offering VIP treatment and safety. In Mykonos many events take place, there are also many restaurants and clubs in the area, your guard can give you information on how to navigate through the island in the safest way possible, avoiding threats.

Always by your side, your trained personal security guard will keep an eye on everything happening around you, every suspicious behavior  will be spotted and dealt with ensuring your safety.



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