The island of Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and the fifth-largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Crete is a wonderful place with distinct differences from the rest of the country in terms of customs, daily life, and nature, thanks to its rich historical and cultural background. Crete is divided in four regions, Lasithi, Heraklion, Rethymnon and Chania.

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Lasithi is the easternmost region in Crete, a place where life runs at a different pace and where unique landscapes and places to see will not stop surprising you. The main touristic city in the region is Agios Nikolaos, nestled in the Mirabello Gulf, on the Cretan Sea. Agios Nikolaos is also the capital city of the region. The region hosts the most important highlands on the island, the Lasithi Plateau, surrounded by the Dikti Mountains. There are several archaeological sites to visit, including the sunken city of Olous, the mysterious Minoan Palace of Kato Zakros, and the Valley of the Dead.

Heraklion is the largest city and the capital of Crete, home to more than a quarter of the island’s population. The heart of the city has the most shops and boutiques, as well as many incredible restaurants and bars, making Heraklion the most vibrant city in Crete. During the summer, it also has many museums, historical sites, and art festivals.

Rethymnon is a lovely seaside city on the north coast of Crete. The old town is located in the city center and features beautiful architecture influenced by the Venetians who ruled the island between 1205 and 1669. Rethymnon’s most popular attractions are the Venetian port and the Fortezza Castle, which is located on Paleokastro hill, right above the city.

Chania (also spelled: Hania) is the capital city of Crete, a place where different civilizations have flourished throughout the centuries. Strolling around the Old Town’s maze-like alleys with the beautiful Venetian mansions, the fountains and the churches will guide you through well-preserved historical monuments. The city of Chania is built on the area of Minoan Kidonia, at the end of the homonym gulf between Akrotiri and Onicha peninsulas. It was the former capital city of Crete (from 1847 until 1972). Nowadays, it is the second largest city of Crete after Heraklion and capital of the homonym prefecture.

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