Accomodation in Mykonos island



Greek hospitality can be experienced to the fullest in Mykonos island. Well known for its accomodation facilities, the island offers a range of hotels and rooms to rent, suitable for all tastes.

The majority of the accomodation has a luxury touch. Beautiful rooms with all the comforts and view to the Aegean. There is a wide range of rooms: from single room, to houses with up to five rooms, convenient for solo travelers, to families, to group of friends.

The location of all the hotels is near the mykonian beaches or they include transportation facilities. Most of them, have parking area in order to park easily your car.

Apart from the staying, the hotels and the rooms to rent, cover a full package of services:

Restaurants: As Greece is famous for its meditterenean cuisine, all the accomondation services include nice restaurants inside the accomondation area, that someone can taste the greek specialities.

Bars: The Greek nightlife is also an experience that a guest should have during his visit to Mykonos island. Hotels offer bar facilities, so that can someone enjoy nice drinks and music in the hotel area.

Exterior activities and bike rents: Mykonos island has rare Aegean beauty with many beaches, view sights, and small roads that a traveler can visit by bike provided by the hotel.

Events: People from all over the world come to Mykonos island in order to take part in special events. Parties and weddings are hosted by mykonian hotels and rental rooms. Experienced people can help you organize your event and provide you the best space and guidance to hold your happening.

– Pools: Most of the hotels have pool area where someone can swim or enjoy a coffee. The pool is a family friendly environment as there are children pools, totally safe for kids.

– Spa: If you want a more luxury experience, then choose a hotel with a spa. The majority of the mykonian accommodation include spa with therapeutical programmes and expertized people in your disposal.

– Trips and excursion organization: Mykonian hotels are collaborating with many touristic offices and include touristic packages. Small cruises and excursions to isolated beaches are organized through hotels which they know where a guest will enjoy to go during his staying to the island.

– Sports activities: The calmness and the natural beauty of the island inspires you to do sports activities. Yoga and Pilates classes are organized by a variety of hotels. The programmes have specialized tutors and also children activities, suitable for all the family.

Hotels and rental rooms are also in all touristic platforms. There are easy to find and they can be booked online. The visitors are numerous so the booking has to be done early!

Mykonos is one of the most visited islands, famous from all over the world. The visitors are reaching 180.000 the latest years, all hosted by the island´s rich accomodations, living the mykonian hospitality to the fullest.

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