Accommodation in Mykonos



Mykonos is surely famous for its extravagant party scene, a well – known destination for celebrities and over all a Greek island popular for its luxurious lifestyle.

Although Mykonos is expensive, you can find a budget friendly accommodation to stay and enjoy your summer holidays.

Before you book your accommodation, you can choose out of a variety of accommodations whether you want a place to stay with your family, a pet- friendly place, an accommodation near the famous clubs or a place to relax with your partner.

Mykonos doesn’t seem very budget friendly, but you can find affordable accommodations  in excellent locations and superior facilities.

If you ever visit Mykonos you have to visit this hotel. Its near the Hora and you can shop in its famous stores, buy your loved ones souvenirs, eat at the restaurants, visit art galleries and museums.

You have to take transportation or rent a car if you want to go to the beaches. However, the distance is short and the beaches are worth it!

Surely hotels you have to visit is the perfect accommodations for families. It offers spacious rooms, free wi-fi, free access to an infinity pool and very short-distanced from the beach. The hotel includes a restaurant for dinner to its visitors and an open door cinema.

There are hotels is suitable for families, especially with younger kids. The rooms are cozy and tastefully decorated. The room is also surrounded by a beautiful garden and it’s the perfect destination to relax and to avoid the hecticness of the island while you are enjoying your vacation at the beautiful sun terrace with the sea views.

There are also villas who are  suitable for groups on a budget. The rooms have a nautically themed décor, the kitchen has  a perfect cycladic style, the infinity pool is great when you want to stay at the villa and its near famous sights and landmarks.

Next on the list is a hotel suitable for couples, whether on vacation or on their honeymoon.        The room has a minimal approach to it, has a breath-taking view, perfect for sunset watching.  You can also take your partner and visit historical sites or include various activities in your holidays, included  diving, water sports and mountain biking!

Villas is the perfect accommodation for people who visit Mykonos for its party scene! The rooms are simply decorated with a minimal approach, the villa offers an indoor pool  and spa. Its located near the center and near the famous clubs and bars promising you an unforgettable vacation!

All hotels or villas are near famous beaches,have  its own private beach area and a huge swimming pool.  The hotel or villa offers you the chance to rent motorcycles and explore further the island.

If you visit Mykonos you have to visit this hotel.  The traditional cycladic building  with rooms featuring a terrace or a balcony, the indoor pool, spa and gym is the perfect opportunity to combine leisure with pampering!

Last but not least on the least, this resort is suitable for families, for couples who want to get married, since it has a private chapel for weddings, an open air restaurant facing the sea and with the help of the staff you can organize an island hoping experience!

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